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How can you tell if your Dry Cleaner is also a 'Wet Cleaner'?

'Wet Cleaning'
means your cleaner uses special equipment and cleaning solutions to process your garments. It's more than just a motto. It's a whole new way of getting your garments cleaned that is environmentally safe. If your dry cleaner uses Perk-based cleaning solutions and systems, they are not environmentally friendly. Most cleaners use 'Perk' (perchlorethylene) to get your garments clean, and that chemical is being eliminated in the State of California as a health hazard.

'Professional Wet Cleaners' use only water-based and alternative cleaning solutions and systems to get your clothes clean, and the results are fresher, odor free garments.

We are your #1 source of information for a better way to get your clothes cleaned that is both healthier, and environmentally friendly.

Thank you for visiting, and ask your dry cleaner if they are also a Professional Wet Cleaner. You might be surprised.

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